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DHL Express Import Guidelines: Bangladesh

Shipping guidelines, standard prohibitions and restrictions to consider when sending express shipments to Bangladesh.

Prohibited Commodities for Bangladesh

  • Standard DHL prohibitions plus: All items offensive to the Muslim culture.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cheques, cashier (NI)
  • Dangerous goods, haz. or comb. mats
  • Gambling devices
  • Ivory
  • Pornography

Shipping Commodities – What You Need to Know

Certain commodities are considered as “Non-Document” and need to be accompanied by an invoice and, in some cases, additional customs documentation. Other commodities are considered simply as a “Document” and only require a DHL Waybill to be completed. The following list explains what you need to do in order to ship various commodities.

Document Commodities (Require only DHL Waybill)

Airline tickets, issued/validated
Annual reports
Artwork inc.drawings/proofs/layouts
Business cards
Cash letters (NI)
Cheques, cancelled (NI)
Computer printouts
Credit card blanks (NI)
Credit cards (NI)
Documents, general business
Drawings, technical/architect/eng.
Invoices, not blank
Magazines, periodicals, journals
Manuals, technical
Money orders (NI)
Music, printed or manuscript
Paper patterns for wearing apparel
Personal mail
Photos as part of business reports
Plans/drawings-arch/indust/eng. pur
Price lists
Publication not for public resale
Ship manifest-computer generated
Shipping schedules
Visa applications

Commodities where you should contact your local Customer Service advisor to clarify shipping requirements

Communications equipment
Diplomatic mail
Drugs: non-prescription
Drugs: prescription
Films: entertainment
Fire extinguishers
Liquids, non-hazardous
Military equipment
Radar equip.-transmitters/receivers
Telecommunications equipment

All other commodities are Non-Document in nature and should be accompanied by a DHL Waybill and an Invoice.